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BLEU JOUR - French creator of beautiful and powerful Mini PCs

BLEU JOUR is a French company, manufacturer of computers and I.T. accessories whose head office is based in Toulouse in the Occitane region.

The company is best known for the PCs it designs, both aesthetic and efficient, and manufactures mainly in Europe, and distributes mainly indirectly to individuals and professionals. BLEU JOUR is also present on the IoT and embedded computing market.

A history of more than 20 years in the PC universe

The company was founded in 2002 by Colombia SOSA SIERRA, Raoul CHIRON (†), Jean-Louis PIROUX and Jean-Christophe AGOBERT, as a manufacturer of computers and computer peripherals.

From the start of its activity, BLEU JOUR became known worldwide by being a pioneer with the launch of two mini-computers, the B1 and the AS, using the first motherboards in Mini-ITX format launched by the Taiwanese manufacturer VIA Technologies.

At the end of 2014, it was recognized worldwide with the launch of the KUBB Mini-computer, which has become its iconic product and rewarded several times by numerous Awards such as the Janus Design Prize in France, the IF Design at the Computex in Taiwan in 2018. or the Red Dot Design in 2021.

The company has made a specialty of designing Mini-PCs based on Intel® NUC (Next Unit Computing) Technologies and has often been honored by the American manufacturer Intel® for its creations.

In 2020, it is one of the first manufacturers in the world to launch a range of minicomputers (MOVE², MOVE ULTIMATE, WAVE, MOVEU) on the brand new Intel® NUC Element modular technology.

In June 2022, BLEU JOUR announced the production of its first motherboard in Europe, a project started at the end of 2018 long before European politicians spoke of a European reindustrialisation.

BLEU JOUR's economic model is essentially indirect and relies on numerous resellers around the world to market its products.

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