Your device is experiencing a malfunction and you have not found a solution after consulting our FAQ ?

Before completing the after-sales service request form (which you will find at the bottom of the page), we thank you kindly for reading the procedure to follow, below :

Warning : If your device is no longer under warranty, please refer to our FAQ.


1) Before any return of merchandise

  • Complete the “RMA return request” form digitally.
  • Send the duly completed form to :

Upon receipt, and after verification of the compliance of the request, a “return authorization” mentioning an RMA number will be sent to you.

 WARNING : Any handwritten document cannot be processed.

2) Acceptance criteria for returns

Only will be accepted and processed :

  • The products supplied and invoiced by the company BLEU JOUR
  • The products referenced on the RMA return authorization.
  • Products received within a maximum of 10 days after attribution of a return number.

Any return of merchandise that does not comply with the RMA procedure may be refused.

3) Return of goods

The client must :

  • Send : the faulty product (s) as well as the accessories (power supply, cable) that may be responsible for the fault (do not return the accessories such as CD, instructions, bag, etc.),
  • Save : its computer data in a medium other than the returned product (s). BLEU JOUR cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the loss of data or software installed in the system.
  • Pack : correctly the product (s) and take all the necessary precautions to prevent it (s) from being damaged during transport.
  • Write : the RMA number must be visible and legible on the outside of the package (Any RMA Return attached without the Return Authorization sheet will be refused).

You are strongly advised to choose an insured mode of transport on the outward journey. In case of loss or problem, the responsibility lies with you.

RMA return address : BLEU JOUR After-Sales Service – 37 avenue Jules Julien – 31400 Toulouse

4) Processing of returns

Upon receipt of the goods meeting the various return acceptance criteria, the equipment will be tested. Following these tests :

  • If the malfunction is noted and confirmed, BLEU JOUR will repair or replace, at BLEU JOUR’s choice, the product or part, recognized as defective and returned to BLEU JOUR.
  • If BLEU JOUR finds no equipment malfunction, it will be returned to the Customer, at its expense, and a lump sum of 30 Euros including tax per product will be billed to it for testing and management costs.

General After-sales Service Conditions available on request or on our website :



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