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1. General

The commitments outlined in this document constitute the Privacy Policy and apply to the relationships between the User of the official Website and the BLEU JOUR Company. We are aware that You are vigilant with regard to all personal information and we appreciate your confidence regarding the personal data processing, with caution and to good use.

By visiting the Website, You indicate your consent to the collection, process and use your personal data undertaken by the BLEU JOUR Company in accordance with the detailed rules set out below.

2. Your account information

The official Website has been the subject of a prior declaration of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL – National Committee for Data Processing and Liberties) in accordance with the Data-processing law and Freedoms on Juin 6, 1978, modified by the law of 6th August 2004, under the number: 180951.

We confirm You that the processing of your personal data, through your visits and consultations of our Website, will be kept strictly confidential.

In accordance with the Law of 6 January 1987 regarding Information Technology and Privacy, you have the right to access, modify and be opposed to the nominative data concerning you with the BLEU JOUR SARL. You can use this right by sending us a postal letter to the following address: BLEUJOUR Sarl, Service Client, 9, rue Sébastopol, 31000 TOULOUSE. For all information about the Data Protection, You can also consult the site of the CNIL

You also have an access to the various sections of the Website and the possibility to modify or change your address and the frequency of newsletter, to unsubscribe, delete or close Your Account.

In any case, BLEU JOUR may save all useful information to ensure the accountancy, but any form of commercial use and/or promotional use is prohibited.

Finally, we would like to remind you that you are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account and its password, access restriction to your computer, and within the limit authorized by the Applicable Law, You agree to be responsible for all the activities carried out through Your Account and with your password.

You shall to take all necessary measures to ensure that your password is kept confidential and secure and to inform us immediately if You have any reason to believe that your password has become known to anyone else or has been used in an unauthorized way.

You are responsible for its validation and the completeness of the information. You shall inform us immediately about any changes made.

3. The Data collected during registration

Since your registration on our official Website, we collect personal information concerning first name, last name, date of birth, nationality, e-mail and postal address, contact details, password, etc ….

All data collected is only used to ensure that the ordering process is conducted in a proper way.

The data collected is necessary at the following points:

–          For processing the orders regarding the chosen type of delivery ;

–          For making an appointment, if it is necessary ;

–          For tracking orders ;

–          For newsletter distribution ;

–          For platform and tools development ;

–          For anti-fraud fight and delivery security ;

–          Display customisation: Website and applications according to your wishes and preferences ;

–          For improving Customer Service (after-sales service, etc…)

For your information, we may transfer your postal address details to one or more contractors to deliver your Order to your home or office, or to sent you SMS to notify you of its availability.

In the absence of any possibility to provide us with necessary information we will not be able to fully implement our services.

At any moment, You have the ability to modify this information on the “My Account” section on your homepage

4. The Data collected during the payment

4.1 Payment Security

All your transactions, during the purchase, are conducted within a framework of strict confidentiality employing the Secure Sockets Layer SSL protocol ; in other words, your bank details are secured by banking partners and are not shown on our Website. For credit card payments shall be made between You and the CIC Bank or any other authorized banking institutions.

Encryption is an essential mean to ensure high security level for transactions. The URL address of starts with https:// (the‘s’ means secure) the information is therefore encrypted and as such protected before it transits over the Internet.

4.2 The verification of your credit card account number

A large number of inspections are carried out by our CIC Bank or other assigned banking institutions, to confirm the number of the card. Once you have completed the form of payment and clicked on the “Submit” button You order is registered. This verification will protect you from potential misuse and fraud.

For purposes of information the Banking Data is encrypted and never displayed on the Website.

Our Website also uses the 3D-Secure-technology to combat fraud. At the moment of online payment You may need to identify yourself to complete the transaction (via the redirection on your banks’ website, via receipt of the SMS message or via some personal questions such as : date of birth, postal code…).

As on many websites, we offer our members and clients, to save their personal Banking Data in an encrypted manner for their future orders. This information is collected and stored by our PCI-PED certified partner – CIC Bank. It is an international safety standard the objectives of which are to ensure confidentiality and integrity for cardholders’ data and thereby to secure Card Data protection and transactions.

You have the right to access, modify or delete your personal data according to the French Data Protection Law of January 6, 1978.

5. Newsletter Data and/or Mail Data

We distinguish different types of “Mail” letters :

5.1 Event Newsletter :

This Newsletter is distributed when you register to inform you of our offers, specific sales, etc. You may cancel the subscription at any moment.

A tout moment vous pouvez annuler votre participation à les recevoir.

5.2 Follow-Up E-mails, Order confirmation and Customer Support

In order to ensure a high quality service during the Order process (from preparation to delivery) the information is available to clients in “My Orders” section or in “My Account” section.

Follow-Up E-mails are sent immediately after the Order confirmation has been completed.

Follow-Up E-mails may be exchanged with our Customer Service due to delivery problems, your shipping address changing, return, cancellation of order…

6. Data Recipients

We have to provide certain subcontractors, manufacturers or partners with your data for the following purposes :

– “Item management” Newsletter ;

– Payment methods security through banking organizations ;

– Some departments of our Customer Service

All recipients of your data treat it in accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 (Loi Informatique et Libertés) and undertake respectively the possible implementation of Data Security and Protection.


7.1 Subject

Different purposes are assigned to Cookies and especially to:

– Functional (

– Analytical ( and Google analytics, etc.)

– Advertising (other third parties)

7.2 Cookies of the website

Cookies of the website are used for the purposes described and below parameters of your internet browser software:

– To achieve high-quality statistics for the navigation mode

– To conduct analysis an improve the navigation through various pages of the Website

– To know the attendance on different Website parts: sections, pages, functionality, etc… anf to modify it in accordance with ergonomics ;

– To adapt the presentation of the Website according to Display Setting Configuration of your Terminal ;

– To store your needs and affinities ;

– To personalize your experience with us.

You may at any moment decide to disable cookies. We would however point out that by disabling the cookies of your browser, You are deprived of basic functionalities of our Website in particular regarding your shopping cart and Follow-Up E-mails.

7.3 Cookies of the website and cookies represented by a third-party

The Cookies made and issued by a third-party are subject to third-party’s Privacy Policy.

Due to the use of third-parties applications integrated on the Website, for example social networks applications, certain Cookies may be issued by other parties except the BLEU JOUR Company .

Example : Twitter, Faceboook, etc … propose scoring functions or collective sharing by clicking “Like it”, “Repost/share” buttons commonly spread throughout these platforms.

In this way, a third-party website may be followed, by sharing the information with multiple online-friends users on the Web, when you have an open session through third-party website, while browsing

On this point, we draw your attention to the fact that we have no connection with third-party website(s) and we are not able to control the use of information that has been collected.

We have no control over the process generated by social networks for collecting information relating to your site navigation.

The Cookies issued and used by a third-party are subject to third-party’s Privacy Policy.

Partner’s websites undertake only using the data in accordance with the provisions of the French data processing and civil liberties law (“Loi Informatique et Libertés”) modified by the law of 6th August 2004 and the Privacy Policy available at:

– Banque CIC :

– Microsoft :

– Google :

– Facebook :

– Twitter :

7.4 Accept or reject the Cookies

You can set your browser to accept or refuse Cookies before their installation. In addition, You may also remove the Cookies from your browser. For more information concerning how to manage your cookies, you may use your browser’s Help files for details:

Internet Explorer™ :

Chrome™ :

Firefox™ :

Opera™ :

8. Modifications

BLEU JOUR Sarl may change this Privacy Policy at any time. In that case, BLEU JOUR Sarl will upload the new version of the Privacy Policy on the Website. It is your responsibility to visit the Website regularly to be informed of all such changes.

9. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

All litigations relating to the conclusion, interpretation or execution of this General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service contract are governed by French Law and are within the competence of the Jurisdiction of TOULOUSE Appeal Court.



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