Artist: DER

Technique : Spray ( Acrylic )


Cube evolution.

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I made a debut in 1989 in the graffiti movement, in the truest sense of the word…. « Tag-party », followed by « tops », and what attracted me the most: the « Graff-colour » or the « wild style », to be more precise.

I made my first piece in 3D in 1994, and since then I have been adding my personal touch little by little.

My style, whether it is « mechanical » or « organic », always keeps a «Calligraffiti» spirit, which is essential to me for searching the forms of the lettering as well as a constant cooperating with the art partners, like «Truskool» a few years ago or «Leclub» more recently.

A lot of acquaintaces in the USA, Europe and Asia, as well as a growing interest for Art, had a strong influence on the development of my style.

The switch to canvas was a logical follow-up to my work on walls, but the subject, the techniques and the themes I explore reflect my past, present or future life…

-        Kubb is a French new generation computer with a perfect 4.7 inches cube shape,

-        Kubb provides advanced technology that combines power and performance,

-        It is quiet, it remains cool, it has a very low energy consumption,

-        Kubb is a real decorative item and it is available in different colours, materials and finishes,

-        Its interchangeable case adapts to all tastes,

-        Kubb is designed, assembled and manufactured(1) in France,

-        Kubb has a 3-years warranty.


(1) The shell and the base are manufactured and soldered in France. Collections Haute Couture, Limited editions or Customized are exclusively hand-painted.