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Artist : HOPARE

Art Technique : mixed techniques, spray, acrylic

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Hopare is a gifted artist who mixes abstraction and depiction resembling Italian futurism of the early 20th century. Modernity, speed, movement and the “New Man” with his contact with the City, basically a vital energy, all this animates this talented street artist’s works. Colored lines interlace to create forms and faces.

Hopare travels and moves forward with his characteristic “wheel” and he is offering us to follow him on this road full of poetry and magic. He shows us his organic and colourful universe that contrasts with the daily dullness of the streets.

Each portrait is very impressive thanks to the peculiar technique of thin “silk ribbons” thoroughly bounded by black “nylon threads”. Colours are misty and airy, lines and structures are both elementary in graffiti.

His portraits made on canvas allow us to feel even more the precision and the tactile aspect of the lines. The transparency and freshness of shades add emotions and magnitude to the structure that takes each of us on a journey towards a distant, fragile, and enchanting elsewhere.


Catherine Fauconnier (PhD in Art History and lecturer at the ISFEC Midi-Pyrénées)

-        Kubb is a French new generation computer with a perfect 4.7 inches cube shape,

-        Kubb provides advanced technology that combines power and performance,

-        It is quiet, it remains cool, it has a very low energy consumption,

-        Kubb is a real decorative item and it is available in different colours, materials and finishes,

-        Its interchangeable case adapts to all tastes,

-        Kubb is designed, assembled and manufactured(2) in France,

-        Kubb has a 3-years warranty.


(1) The shell and the base are manufactured and soldered in France. Collections Haute Couture, Limited editions or Customized are exclusively hand-painted