Glory Hole

Artist : JO DI BONA

Art Technique : Mixed techniques, spray, collage


Through the 3 Kubbs I customized, I wanted to transmit energy, power and Pop style preserving the object and its elegance.

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The 39 year-old artist Jo Di Bona was born in the suburbs of Paris. He first practised his art on walls and trains next to Nestor & Lek in the early 90’s with his team VF. Passionate about graffiti and its codes, Jo progressively gained independence and created what he would later call the « Pop Graffiti », where he would mix collage, different graffiti influences, and also Pop culture that deeply inspired him. After about ten years of illegal practices till the beginning of the 2000’s, Jo took a pause to focus on music and his pop-rock band Hotel, travelling across France and releasing 4 albums. It was only in 2012 when Jo uncased his aerosols again and collected exhibitions, wall projects and performances.

In 2014 in Shanghai, China, he worked between expos and live demos. At the end of 2014 he received the graffiti First prize from the EDF foundation. He recently fulfilled an order for Bernadette Chirac for the «Opération Pièces Jaunes 2015 » project, a huge wall in the brand new hall of the Robert Ballanger Hospital at Aulnay-sous-Bois and exposed in the Lavo Matik gallery as well as in the Saint-Denis library. There are many projects to come: Jo received an order for a more than 70 meters long anti-noise wall along the A 104 highway, an order for 2 large works for the Paris Dauphine University, he will also participate at the Street Art exhibition at Gisors in March and at the Gallery Open Art of Dijon. He is going to create a fresco for the inauguration of the Emmaüs Quincampoix shop in Paris in April. Jo will make the M.U.R Oberkampf, then his works will be exposed in the Centre René Goscinny in May in Paris.On Wednesday, June 11, the auction house Digard will host Art Contemporain Urbain, an auction of contemporary urban art works where he will also be represented. He plans an organisation of the Great Street Art festival with several famed guests in Pontault-Combault, and afterwards a personal exhibition in the Gallerie Carole Kvasnevski in September in Paris.

Jo Di Bona defines himself as a «Graffiti Artist», or « Pop Graffiti Artist ». Check his works and all the news on his official Facebook page:

-        Kubb is a French new generation computer with a perfect 4.7 inches cube shape,

-        Kubb provides advanced technology that combines power and performance,

-        It is quiet, it remains cool, it has a very low energy consumption,

-        Kubb is a real decorative item and it is available in different colours, materials and finishes,

-        Its interchangeable case adapts to all tastes,

-        Kubb is designed, assembled and manufactured(1) in France,

-        Kubb has a 3-years warranty.


(1) The shell and the base are manufactured and soldered in France. Collections Haute Couture, Limited editions or Customized are exclusively hand-painted.