Founded in 2002, in Toulouse, 4th French city.

Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and 700 km from Paris, the capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées region is one of the first metropolises in southern Europe.

Dynamic, economically strong city where quality of life, gastronomy, culture, universities rub shoulders with daily life aeronautics, space, electronics, informatics and biotechnologies.

A hyper active region at the high-level technologies, the presence of researchers, engineers but also stylists and master craftsmen thus allowing us the mix of the technology and crafts.

The company BLEU JOUR is based on five founding pillars: Quality, Aesthetics, Innovation, Practicality and Exclusivity.

In a constantly changing universe, BLEU JOUR offers creations where aesthetics is combined with innovative technological solutions.

The company favors French design and manufacture. She brings in the creation and design of our country, world famous and recognized, in the computer world.

The duality of the logotype, associating a neologism with a strong local sound BLUE with the English slogan “Clever Beauty”, shows at once the company’s commitment to its roots and its desire to open up for export.

Putting the individual at the heart of his strategy and wishing to propose a alternative in the world of high-tech, BLEUJOUR bet the marriage insane between traditional craftsmanship and modernity and this duality feeds to form one.

BLEU JOUR demonstrates on a daily basis that the perfect alliance between the culture of digital art, the art of living and the tradition of French know-how can provide access to innovative technological solutions.

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