• PC Keyboard

    The perfect match

    Our “CTRL” keyboard was conceived and developed in the same way as kubb with meticulous care and color embossed or glossy make a unique design, inimitable, with unmatched technical performance.

    Thanks to its Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can connect four devices simultaneously and still accomplish more with your kubb or any computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • MAC Keyboard

    The perfect companion

    Using the brands’ « dress-code », we have thoroughly designed a keyboard which is compatible with its products.

    Thanks to its wireless Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to connect it to four peripherals at the same time, and accomplish even more tasks with your Mac, your tablet, or even your smartphone.

    You’re working with style; the final key is here! 

  • Keyboard MAC Backlit
    Clavier Bluetooth CTRL
    Clavier Bluetooth CTRL
    picto ctrl2 English

    Le CTRL 2 - modernise et optimise le clavier

    Le clavier CTRL 2 est compatible avec vos périphériques Apple.

    Il conserve les lignes épurées du CTRL, avec des touches extra plates et silencieuses. Il vient compléter la gamme en proposant aux utilisateurs MAC d’avoir des touches noires mais surtout rétro-éclairées.

    Clavier Bluetooth CTRL
    Clavier Bluetooth CTRL

    Efficacité - Rechargez les batteries

    Pour vous assurer un maximum d’efficacité et optimiser ses performances, le CTRL2 embarque 2 batteries au lithium.

    Chaque batterie est dédiée à un usage, la première au clavier, la seconde au rétroéclairage.

    Un câble universel micro-USB vous permettra de recharger simultanément les 2 batteries.


    Fonctionnalités – les grands classiques

    Pour simplifier votre quotidien, nous avons conservé les meilleures fonctionnalités du premier clavier CTRL MAC.

    Vous retrouverez donc le pavé numérique, les fonctions Apple mais aussi l’appairage de 4 périphériques.

    Autonomie de 1 an

    Grâce à la batterie lithium de 1.600 mAh dédié au clavier, le CTRL 2 vous suivra au quotidien et tout au long de l’année.

    Profitez d’un clavier Bluetooth en toute liberté !

    Clavier Bluetooth CTRL 2

    Rétroéclairage - Une idée lumineuse

    Le clavier CTRL 2 est équipé d’un système de rétroéclairage modulable. Vous pouvez facilement activer ou désactiver la luminosité des touches, mais aussi régler l’intensité de la lumière à votre convenance.

    Cette dernière se contrôle en maintenant les touches –/+ backlight key et les touches 1 = 10%, 2 = 20% etc.. Si vous garder une intensité à 100% la consommation du CTRL 2 sera importante nécessitera une charge plus régulière.


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picto ctrl anglais

Modern, stylish and refined

The ultra-thin and trendy design, the raw aluminum finishing – or like Kubb’s textured and colored version, turn the “CTRL” into a unique and elegant keyboard.

Its’ extra flat and silent keys ensure you tipping comfort that has never been experienced before, and will enable you to work in perfect conditions.

The “CTRL” keyboard has been designed and conceived on the same branch as Kubb with meticulous care, and its’ grainy or raw aluminum colors make it a unique keyboard.


Are you a MAC user ?

The CTRL keyboard is also available for Mac!
Moreover, its’ number pad and feature keys enable you to control and adjust your screen luminosity, iTunes, etc… and the Fn key permits you to momentarily adapt the usual features to your personal needs.

Or rather PC ?

Optimized for Windows with its several feature keys and its’ number pad, it is the ideal tool for being more productive and more comfortable while working.

A universal and multi-device keyboard

Up to 4 devices simultaneously

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux or Chrome, whatever your system is, you’ll be able to simply add up to 4 peripherals and easily switch from one device to the other.

Within a range of 9 meters2

kubb_i5 (23).jpg
kubb_i5 (23).jpg
kubb_i5 (23).jpg

A rechargeable battery, but not only... !

Nothing has been left to chance to make this Bluetooth keyboard one of the best on the market. Indeed, the biggest issue related to wireless devices is their autonomy... which is generally very low.

However, this CTRL keyboard has an ultra-effective battery of 1 600 mAh, with which you will never run out of power!

With the CTRL keyboard, you can relax and enjoy complete autonomy for a whole year1and when you’ll need to recharge it, you simply have to plug the USB cable and carry on your activities.

1 The autonomy length is calculated on the basis of usage in a professional and working environment (uninterrupted tipping from 533 to 1600 hours).
2The range can vary depending on the environment and the use mode.